What's Protecting Your Goggles?


No More Scratched Lenses!
Goggle Guards® are a patented wrap design made of soft fleece fabric, that protects the lenses of goggles, both inside and out, from the abrasion and scratching that reduces the quality of vision provided by the goggle.
No other product in the present marketplace has this dual benefit of safety and can be folded
and carried in one's pocket.
Many goggle manufacturers provide a pouch for their product, but when one puts the goggle in
the pouch the buckle on the strap causes scratching to the inner side of the lenses. Goggle
Guards® are easy to use and more convenient than hard cases.

• Soft fabric won’t scratch lenses
• Protects inside & outside
• Folds to fit in your pocket
• Washable
• Many colors to choose from

Patent No. US007770721B2 | Designed & Manufactured in the USA.

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